Affordable Dell Laptop Computers and Prices For 2020

Good night guys, because the time of writing this article is good at night. This time we will discuss one of the top laptops, namely Dell laptops. Dell is a laptop brand created by Michael Dell when he was a student at Amikom Jogja, right, University of Texas, Austin.
Dell laptops have several types that are true to suit the needs of each user.

The kinds of laptops themselves are deliberately made to facilitate prospective buyers in finding a computer that suits consumer needs. So you don't need to bother anymore to ask about the specifications and prices of these laptops. Types of Dell laptops include Dell Inspiron, Dell Alienware, Dell XPS, and Dell Vostro. So what's impressive about this Dell laptop? Let's look together.

The best cheap Dell laptop deals and prices for February 2020

Elegant Dell Laptop Design

For the design sector, this laptop is arguably only has a design that is almost the same in every generation. You can check the design of Dell laptops. That's all, and that's arguably lacking innovation in terms of design.

On average, this laptop has a haughty and dark-colored design that might be from the Dell itself wants a dashing, luxurious, and mighty impression. And Dell laptops usually have a thin and light design. Indeed, there are several Dell laptop series that look beautiful and beautiful. But some series of laptops we can see has a rigid design, so it seems only for office work.

But you don't worry about designs that look haughty or stiff. In terms of the laptop, the body design has the advantage of the strength of the laptop body. By using Chromium material on the casing, Dell has a feature that looks sturdy and resilient. Moreover, the XPS series laptops, solid crazy.

Dell Laptop Performance.

In terms of specifications, as I said earlier, Dell provides laptop products according to consumers. Departing from the processor unit, Dell offers two processors that are common to us, namely processors from Intel and also from AMD.

According to my observations after a walk here and there in cyberspace, this laptop is becoming a middle-class consumer and above. Because of the average best-selling Dell products that have sold at least an Intel Core i5 processor, there is also an Intel Core i3 but not much. It has become common knowledge. This Dell has a sturdy and recalcitrant component specification. If analogous to this Dell laptop like a Yamaha motorbike, the engine is stubborn.

Earlier, I had already given a few types of Dell types that could be a performance reference from Dell. For Dell Inspiron type, I see this laptop is targeting the market share of students and offices. In other words, this laptop is devoted to running.

Several offices or office applications. For Dell XPS type, this laptop is almost similar to the previous Inspiron type. The difference is this type of XPS has higher specifications than the Inspiron. Next is the Dell Vostro laptop, a laptop targeting the small business or SME market share. Because it is targeting small businesses, then this laptop is priced at a price that is arguably quite cheap compared to other types of notebooks. And finally, the Alienware Dell laptop, the top board specifications laptop. This laptop is destined for heavy application users such as graphic design, video editing, or a gamer.

Dell Laptop Graphics.

For the graphics sector, Dell laptops are mostly equipped with Nvidia graphics cards, but there's no doubt there are also some equipped with graphics cards from AMD. This graphics card is essential for those of you who want high image sharpness and detail. But if the graphics sector is not your primary goal, such as only for office applications, this is not an essential issue for you.

For those of you who want the strength and sharpness of the graphics sector, Dell Alienware laptop type is a choice that will not be wrong. This type of laptop is recognized as having top class specifications, both from the processor engine and from the graphics card. But if your pockets are mediocre and see Alienware is too high, a Dell XPS laptop can be an alternative. This type of Dell XPS laptop is like a Honda motorbike, invited to be slow, okay to be invited to speed up also dare haha.

Dell Laptop Prices All Series.

After we explained at length, then what about the Cheap Dell Laptop Prices? As I said before, this laptop is, in my opinion, for the middle class and above, so from the price itself, it is rather expensive. From the low-end class like Dell Vostro 1014, which only has an Intel Core i3 priced at 4 million. The type of INSPIRON 13-5368-CTO1 X360, which can be said to be middle class and only has an Intel Core i5, is priced at 8 million.

Affordable dell laptop computers.

  1. INSPIRON 13-5368-CTO1.D X360.
  2. INSPIRON 14-5459-CTO4.D.
  3. INSPIRON 13-5378-CTO2.D X360.
  6. DELL XPS 13-9350-CTO1.
  9. DELL XPS 13-9350.
  10. ALIENWARE 17 FR-CTO26.D.
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